Google Play Application Icons for Android

Google Play Application launcher icon is a graphic that represents your application. App icons are used by Launcher applications and appear on the user's Home screen and also in Google Play store. Google play application icons can also be used to represent shortcuts into your application.

Google Play icon design specifications

Apps & Games on Google Play are adopting a new icon system to better fit diverse developer artwork to Google Play's various UI layouts, form factors, and devices, as well as to bring consistency and a cleaner look to Google Play.

Uniformed shapes are visually more appealing and easier to digest. They help users focus on the artwork, as opposed to the shape. They fix alignment issues caused by random open space to better present surrounding information, such as the title, rating, and price.

Icon artwork can populate the entire asset space, or you can design and position artwork elements such as logos onto the keyline grid. When placing your artwork, use keylines as a guideline, not a hard rule.

When creating your artwork, ensure it conforms to the following:
  • Final size: 512px x 512px
  • Format: 32-bit PNG
  • Color space: sRGB
  • Max file size: 1024KB
  • Shape: Full square – Google Play dynamically handles masking. Radius will be equivalent to 20% of icon size.
  • Shadow: None – Google Play dynamically handles shadows. See 'Shadows' section below on including shadows within your artwork.

Source and more information: Android Developer

Application Icon Sizes

» ldpi 36 x 36 px     » mdpi 48 x 48 px     » hdpi 72 x 72 px     » xhdpi 96 x 96 px     » xxhdpi 144 x 144 px     » xxxhdpi 192 x 192 px

Android Icon Files