Fast and clean

Just upload a picture in PNG, Jpeg or Gif format, click on Make icon and download file(s) with icons results.

No effects

We make clean icons with no special effects, blurs, shadows, etc. if you want transparency, just use PNG format with transparent layer.

Iconnaut is icon generator and pictures resizer. It's a simple application for developers, webmasters and all others who need fast, clean icons for apps, websites, system desktops. Just upload your image in PNG, Jpeg or Gif and make favicon, Android or Apple App Store/Play Store applications icons.

Jpeg EXIF metadata Anonymizer

Upload any JPEG picture/photo/image and remove all EXIF data include GPS information. Jpeg EXIF metadata anonymizer. Don't share your own picture with your personal and private information. Delete EXIF metadata from Jpeg pictures now. EXIF Anonymizer.